Refund Policy

D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group, LLC. Cancellation and No Refund Policy

All D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group courses have a no refund policy. Due to the digital format of D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group products, the customer receives an immediate benefit from the product prior to the return such as access to all course content, live coaching calls, community, and other online resources.

All D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group Live events have a no refund policy as all ticket sales are final unless event is cancelled by D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group.

Should you have any questions about our no refund policy, please reach out to

For any purchase that is over $25, we have a 3-day cancellation policy. Please email within 3 days of your purchase to get your payment cancelled.

All returns will only be credited back to the account used to make the original purchase.

Some product exceptions apply

D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group subscription products: with recurring billing have a 30-Day cancellation policy. You can cancel at anytime and receive a refund for your most recent payment within 30 days.

FAQ : Am I eligible for a partial refund when I see my purchased D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group product advertised at a lower discounted price?

All D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group courses have a No Refund Policy. Clients who have purchased a D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group product at full price within 3 days of an advertised discounted price for the same product are only eligible for D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credit.

Additional terms for D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credit eligibility:

Client must officially request D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credit by emailing
Only clients who have purchased a D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group product at full price within 3 days of an advertised discounted price for the same D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group product are eligible for D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credit.
D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credits are valued at the difference in purchase price and advertised discounted price.
Eligible clients can request credit for only 1 D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group course per 30 days of the advertised discounted price.
Eligible clients must apply D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credit within 90 days from date of D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credit request.
D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group Credit can only be applied toward 1 D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group course at full (nondiscounted) price. Course must be of equal or lesser value than the price of the D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group Credit.
We cannot guarantee a 100% price match when D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credits are applied. In all cases, D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group reserves the right to issue D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credit for less than the difference in purchase price and advertised discounted price.
All D.E.F.Y. Consulting Group credit arrangements are final and ineligible for returns.
Opt out rights and questions. If you have any questions or at any time after visiting the Site, you change your mind about sharing your Personal Information as described in this policy, please contact us:
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